No matter who we call family, when we choose to get the influenza (flu) vaccine, we’re protecting them. That’s especially true for those who are at higher risk for a bad case of the flu, like children, older people, and those with underlying risk factors like heart disease, stroke, obesity and diabetes.

Get your flu immunization as soon as possible – and make sure your loved ones get theirs, too. Here are more reasons why you should:

  • Catching the flu can weaken your ability to fight off COVID-19. 
  • A flu shot is clinically proven to reduce your chances of hospitalization.
  • Flu shots are quick and administered with COVID safety precautions.

Make time to get a flu shot today!

Help save lives by protecting yourself, your loved ones and your co-workers.

Are you in a high-risk category for severe flu complications?

Did you know that age and chronic health conditions put you at a higher risk for a severe case of the flu?

Watch this House Calls clip to learn more.

More on COVID-19 and the flu

Wondering if you can get a flu shot at the same time as the COVID-19 vaccine? You can – and here are more resources from the CDC on COVID-19 and the flu.

woman receiving flu vaccination

Top health organizations urge flu and COVID-19 vaccinations

Flu and COVID-19 are both serious respiratory illnesses, and people living with chronic lung disease, cancer, heart disease and diabetes are at a higher risk for severe complications.


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Where can I get a flu shot today?

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