Weather and Climate Links
  1. NOAA - National Weather Service
  2. SSEC (Univ. Wisconsin-Madison) Real-Time US Composite Satellite Animation
  3. National Weather Service - Conus Northeast loop

Resources for Wildfire Research Links to Wildfire Data, Tools & Software
  1. Fire Research and Management Exchange System
  2. Fire Effect Information System (FEIS): Summarizes and synthesizes research about living organisms in the United States-their biology, ecology, and relationship to fire.
  3. Wildfire Research and Applications Partnership (WRAP): project to highlight the collaborative partnership of the US Forest Service and NASA in wildfire science and applications.
  4. Coupled Atmosphere-Fire Modeling: Modeling studies that apply the Clark-Hull atmospheric prediction model, which has been coupled to a wildfire model.
  5. National Interagency Fire Center
  6. Fire Research (Center for International Forestry Research):
  7. Joint Fire Science Program (Research supporting sound decisions):
  8. Wildland Fire Operations Research Group
  9. Wildland Fire and Climate Change

  1. National Fire Occurrence, Federal and State Lands, 1986-1996, v1999
  2. Global Fire Emissions Database
  3. International Multiproxy Paleofire Database (IMPD)
  4. Global Palaeofire Working Group (GPWG)
  5. Patrick Bartlein - Western US Fire and Climate Research
  6. Daniel Gavin - Paleoecology and Biogeography Lab
  7. Philip Higuera - CharAnalysis
  8. Martin Blauuw - Age Modeling Software
  9. SHELDUS - Spatial Hazard Events & Losses Database (USA)
Links to Paleoecology/Paleoclimatology Resources Data Analysis Resources
  1. Neat paleo animations!
    Ecole polytechnique federale de Lausanne (EPFL)
  2. Black Rock Forest - Pollen Identification Tutorial
  3. Pollen Viewer
  4. Paleoclimate - Change Through Time
  5. On the Cutting Edge - Geoscience Resources
  6. INQUA Paleoclimate Commission
  7. ESA Paleo Section

  1. GeogR
  2. Search for R stuff
  3. Andrew Barr's Paleoecology Blog
  4. CRAN
  5. R-bloggers
  6. R graph gallery
  7. Climate Charts & Graphs
  8. Quick R
  9. Kickstarting R
  10. Spatial Analysis in R
  11. ggplot
  12. GRASS
  13. SAGA

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